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Product Code: B104860000
  • The Pull of the Thrill Towing a tube behind your boat is one of the most exhilarating ways to enjoy the water, and this tow rope will make sure your tubing adventures are exciting. At 60 feet, the length is perfect for allowing the tube to pull cleanly over the wake of your boat. And with a tensile strength capable of handling loads of up 4,100 lb, you’ll be able to pull up to four people, and also perform turns and swings. The combination of the right tube and rope will enhance your tubing experience. The BRP lifestyle reaches far beyond the road, snow, water, and trails; it's a part of who you are. You crave excitement and discovery, which only fuels your anticipation of unforgettable adventures lying behind even the smallest of corners. That's why run of the mill stuff won't cut it. Our lifestyle collection embodies that same fierce spirit of innovation and quality you've come to expect in everything that bears our name. For the experiences you crave and the life you live, we have the right products for every kind of adventure

    • Sea-Doo 60' Towable Tube Rope for 1 Person Tube
    • 1,500 lb tensile strength
    • Solution-dyed and sun-resistant polyethylene to protect against UV rays
    • Loops on both ends
    • Conveniently stores in webbing handily equipped with eyelet to hang on wall