Can-Am Pyra Helmet (DOT/ECE)

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Product Code: 929038
  • The Can-Am Pyra Helmet is designed for optimal performance and can take your off-road adventures up a notch. This MX-style ATV helmet is one of our lightest models, providing you with maximum comfort without compromising on safety. Plus, its Energy Reduction Technology redirects force away from your head to reduce impact. The air vent system lets you choose airflow and makes sure you stay cool on more demanding rides. With a washable moisture-wicking liner, this DOT/ECE 2206-certified and fully adjustable ATV helmet keeps your eyes on the prize: pushing further and chasing the fun.

    • 4-year limited warranty
    • Advanced plastic composite shell with rotational impact absorbing system (ERT)
    • Adjustable peak system
    • Removable wind deflector
    • Front and rear hi-max air vent system to maximize cooling
    • Removable, washable and replaceable moisture-wicking liner
    • Lightweight double-D chin strap
    • Weight: ±1280 grams for size Large
    • DOT/ECE 2206 certified.