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  • The Sea-Doo Kneeboard is perfect for teaching kids. It provides unrivaled stability, building confidence and ensuring comfort on the water. With an kneeboard hook for easy deep-water starts, learning becomes frustration-free. Keep it simple, keep it fun with the Sea-Doo Kneeboard!

    • Unleash your knee surfing skills with our versatile kneeboard, perfect for lake, beach, and river adventures.
    • Upgrade to our lightweight kneeboard, weighing under 9 lbs for effortless transportation in your vehicle or boat box.
    • Stay secure with the adjustable strap on each Sea-Doo kneeboard, ensuring a safe and enjoyable water experience.
    • Measuring 50"""" long and 20"""" wide, our kneeboard accommodates older children, teens, and adults, making it perfect for sharing.
    • Crafted from corrosion-proof, marine-grade materials, our kneeboard withstands the elements and suits beginners and pros alike