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Product Code: 295100732
  • Crafted in high-quality premium-coated synthetic mesh, this Removable Storage Bin is designed to go wherever the water takes you. Use it to carry all the essentials you need out on the water, or store wet clothes away from the rest of your gear. Its handle makes it easy to carry and manipulate, so it comes in handy when you need to transport gear to and from your watercrfaft. We’ve designed it with quick-attach fasteners, which secure the bag in place inside your storage bin.

    • Breathable front bin organizer made from high-quality premium-coated synthetic mesh.
    • Perfect for storing wet clothes away from the rest of your gear or to transport gear to/from the watercraft.
    • Carrying handle and easy storage on or off the watercraft.
    • Quick-attach fasteners to secure the bag in place inside the storage bin.
    • Designed to be installed with the Storage Bin Organizer (295100835) for a complete set-up (295100732 only).