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Product Code: 715001215
  • The practicality of a heavy duty basket combined with the LinQ locking system allows the Can-Am LinQ compatible vehicle to transform its cargo capacity according to the task at hand. Easily move the basket from one rack to the other on ATV, or move the rack from vehicle to vehicle. The wide basket was designed to be able to hold and securely transport very practical 5 gal buckets. The multiple tie down points makes it easy to secure cargo and stap bigger items.

    • Made of high-strength, low-alloy steel.
    • LinQ mount for easy-on, easy-off installation.
    • Defender: Can be placed on the LinQ Front Rack (715004312) and the LinQ Cargo Rack (715004281).
    • ATV: Can be placed on both front and back racks of vehicle.
    • LinQ Base (715002350) is required for G2L.
    • LinQ Luggage Rack (715001734) is required for G2S.