Product Code: 295100935
    • ALLOWS YOU TO KEEP YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS WITHIN REACH: This Cup holder is designed to securely keep your cup, bottle, or can within reach while driving.
    • TOOL-LESS INSTALLATION: You can effortlessly install your cup holder without needing any tools. Left or Right LINQ Supports required.
    • FLEXIBLE FINS THAT ADJUST TO THE SIZE OF THE BEVERAGE: This Cup holder features flexible fins that adjust to the size of your beverage so you can hold cups, bottles, and cans of various sizes.
    • MOUNTS SEAMLESSLY TO EITHER SIDE OF THE WATERCRAFT: Mount this Cup holder to either side of the watercraft, allowing you to keep your drink within reach while out on the water
    • DURABLE MATERIAL: Crafted with resilient, rust-resistant material, this Cup holder guarantees you long-term usage.
    • FITMENT: RXT, RXT-X, GTX, WAKE PRO (2018 and up) / Fish Pro (2019 and up) Or any vehicle with the 51L cooler.
    • SUPERCEDES TO 295101230 (Current Number)
    • Can be installed on the 13.5 US gal (51 L) cooler or on the Cup and Rod holder front supports (left 295100948 and right 295100949)